Tour Columbus on a Budget

Enjoy these very reasonably priced activities and attractions during your Columbus stay.

Everyone enjoys having great time, especially when it comes at a great price. Check out these breathtaking and economical activities in the Columbus area.

The Columbus Riverwalk

This massive 15 mile linear park serves as a prime location for scenic walks, bike rides, and skate sessions, and of course, it’s always free!

The Springer Opera House

Explore two unique and affordable options for an atmospheric time in this ornate opera hall. Catch a $5 nighttime show every Friday at 10:30. Or, tour the opera house on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 pm, which is also a very reasonable $5. Take a step into history and listen in on ghost stories, explore the theater’s hidden nooks and crannies and delight in the Springer Opera House’s breathtaking architecture.

The National Infantry Museum

Experience a walk through military history like no other, with an interactive look at infantrymen from the Revolutionary War of our nation’s birth to the modern War on Terrorism. Museum admission is free but for a few dollars more you can experience IMAX theater presentations and simulator access.

The Chattahoochee River

This amazing urban whitewater course—the longest in the world—offers a 24 hour free rafting experience, just make sure to bring your good raft!

The Columbus Botanical Garden

This beautiful botanical garden offers free admission and is open throughout the day.

The Oxbow Meadows’ TreeTop Canopy Trail

Enjoy a scenic garden experience suspended nearly 40 feet above the ground, and admission is only $5.