3 Local Foods You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. Scrambled Dog.

How about a diced hot dog smothered with chili, cheese, pickles and onions, topped with oyster crackers and served in a banana split dish? It’s a local favorite embraced lovingly since 1918, and you’ll only find it in one place in the world: Columbus, Georgia’s own Dinglewood Pharmacy.

2. Pig Taters.

Ever had a pig tater? It’s a massive baked potato that’s positively stuffed with chopped meat alongside a creamy, sweet and savory blend of butter, cheddar cheese, tangy barbecue sauce and fresh sour cream. Pork is the meat of choice in this extra special spud, offered exclusively by Country’s Barbecue, but patrons can order from their choice of beef, pork or chicken.

3. Red Velvet Pancakes.

If you’ve heard of red velvet cake it’s likely that you’ve tried it. If you’ve tried it, it’s likely that you love it. Well the Ruth Ann’s restaurant in Columbus serves up their breakfast style take on the cake with their delectable red velvet pancakes. Once an indulgence only available on Valentine’s Day, due to popular demand they now offer the sweet treat on their daily menu.

Bonus Food: Sherlock Steaks.

Where else can you enjoy a fine roasted New York strip on nutmeg laced creamed spinach, with oven roasted potatoes, alongside equally refined appetizer and desert courses, all while enjoying a gripping murder-mystery play, but at the famous Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theater. Offering hilarious, captivating, and a family-appropriate “PG-13” style scripting, alongside exceptional dining, Sherlock’s Mystery Dinner Theater is bound to please even the most critical of foodies and theater-goers alike.